Bugdens welcomes a new toy

Bugden Signs would like to introduce the latest edition to its staff; CNC router!

What will we do it it?
  • Increase productivity – Cutting complex shapes with a CNC router is significantly faster that manually with a jig saw. This saves time and money.
  • Increased accuracy – A CNC router is 10 fold more accurate cutting shapes than with a jog saw. We’ll never have to worry again if the parts will fit together.
  • Increased repeatability – An increase in accuracy means an increase in repeatability. Making another copy of the sign is as easy in 10 years as it is today.  No more removing a sign to obtain a pattern first.
  • Increased quality – Parts from the CNC router are nearly perfect, requiring little to no sanding.

Popular applications include:

  • Sign-making – All types of 2D and 3D signs in woods, metals and plastics
  • Exhibition Stands – Large format routing for all requirements
  • General Woodworking – Furniture, shopfitting, scenery production and more
  • Interiors – Multi-purpose routing and engraving in all materials
  • Point of Purchase – Display stands, fixtures and fittings
  • Scenery and Sets – Fast turnaround and high quality processing
  • Solid Surface – Process modern and traditional materials

The CNC router is suitable for manufacturers looking to automate their business and expand their production capabilities.

  • Low-cost, high-value series
  • Excellent reliability and ease of use
  • Steel frame construction for maximum rigidity
  • Solid aluminum vacuum/clamping deck

The CNC router is available with a standard process area, designed for efficient use of material sizes and designed for a high performance-to-price ratio. With features typically found on higher priced machines, including welded steel frame, profile linear bearing rails and a multipurpose aluminum vacuum and clamping bed.