Heavy duty high quality banners – Get your message out there!

Heavy-duty, high-quality banners

Heavy-duty, high-quality banners from Bugden Signs are eye-catching and guaranteed to get your point across. Let us design and manufacture your eye-popping banner to suit any venue and budget.
With any banner from Bugden Signs you get;

  • Optional hemming
  • Optional grommets
  • Available full-colour graphics
  • Available cut vinyl graphics
  • Virtually any size and shape you can imagine
  • Order 1 or 1000 or more
  • Expert installation available

Temporary Banners

Banners are so economical that they are great for short term advertising. Having a sidewalk sale or short term event that you want to be advertised? Are you moving to a new location? Having a GRAND OPENING? Banners are a great solution to these short term needs.

  • Full-colour graphics available
  • Cut vinyl graphics available
  • Hem and grommets options available
  • Have our experts install for you or
  • Install yourself

Political Banners

Let Bugden Signs expert designers create an eye-catching cohesive campaign. Political banners are great for promoting candidates, political parties and their platforms. As well, we can create heavy-duty, high-quality banners in any shape and size to suit any arena, stage, or bus. Further, banners are so versatile and easy to install that you can easily move them from your campaign bus to the convention center floor.

Indoor Banners

Banners are so cost-efficient they are great for short term events, special pricing, grand openings and new product lines. They are eye-catching, especially when they include high-quality prints and superb graphics. When hung in key locations, banners draw attention and increase foot traffic.

  • Flea markets
  • One day specials
  • Wayfinding and department names
  • New products
  • Full-colour graphics available
  • Cut vinyl graphics available
  • Hem and grommets options available
  • Available for easy installation with a wooden dowel for hanging
  • Install yourself

Outdoor Banners

Heavy-duty high-quality banners are ideal for gathering attention to your business indoors and out. Also, they make great outdoor signage because they can be created at any size and yet are lightweight and easy to install.

  • Grand openings
  • Outdoor markets
  • Seasonal sales and specials
  • Athletic competitions
  • Parades

Varsity Banners

Varsity banners are a great way to promote your favourite sports, varsity, high school teams, scouting troops, and corporate sponsors. They are available in any shape and size. Also, they are available with grommets or hemmed to receive a dowel for hanging. Varsity banners can be created from cut vinyl. This makes updating them year after a year a breeze. The possibilities are endless!

  • Great for advertising corporate sponsors
  • Scouting troops
  • Full digital graphics available
  • Hem and Grommets options available
  • Sports teams
  • Top athletes

Pop-up Banners

Pop-up banner stand or retractable banner stands are a very efficient way of getting your message to your audience. Let Bugden signs expert design team create an eye-catching display or provide your own content. Then, we will print that graphic on a highly durable PVC banner material that will last for years. The banner is then mounted onto a stand that retracts back into its base when not in use. The image area can also be replaced again and again as your message changes. Therefore, pop-up banners are extremely cost-efficient.

They can be used individually, or your large graphic may be broken up across a set of multiple stands. These banner stands also work great as part of a larger trade show booth or kiosk.

Pop-up banners are very lightweight. Additionally, come with their own carrying case and can be erected in seconds. Hence, they are great for travelling trade shows and exhibit booths.