3D Mounted Letters and Signs

3D Mounted letters — Let us help you stand out!

3D mounted letters are an ideal way to draw attention to your business. They create a look of professionalism that will set your business above the competition.

3D letters may be used for;

  • interior
  • exterior
  • civic address
  • business name
  • department name
  • logo

We manufacture our own custom letters in our manufacturing facility. Later, they are painted in our state of the art paint booth. This means that colour and design options are virtually limitless. The letters may be fabricated from PVC, metal, or acrylic.

3D mounted letters can also be illuminated so the face lights up. Or from behind to create a glow behind the letters. Both options look great! Illuminated or non-illuminated 3D letters may be mounted flat against the wall or they can be raised from the surface for extra depth and dimension.

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic is a highly durable, UV resistant plastic that is well suited to indoor and outdoor signs. Furthermore, it can be cut to virtually any shape with a crystal clear edge. It is waterproof, mould-proof, and weather resistant. As well, it is available in a wide display of colours, sizes and thickness. Further, acrylic is an excellent surface for vinyl application as well as paint. The possibilities of acrylic signs almost endless.

For versatility, acrylic signs are difficult to beat. They are extremely affordable, durable and sleek. Also, the glossy finish adds an extra touch of sophistication to any interior space. Alternatively, you can have your acrylic frosted for a unique modern look. Acrylic signs can be used as part of any interior office wayfinding system with a sleek professional look and feel.

The versatility of acrylic signs is truly amazing. They can be suspended from the ceiling, mounted flush to a wall or mounted with stand-offs for extra depth to any design.

PVC Mounted Graphics

PVC mounted graphics are an excellent cost-effective way of mounting vinyl graphics on virtually any surface. First, we print your custom graphics or have our design department created an eye-popping image for you. The graphics are mounted on highly durable PVC in thicknesses from 1/8″ up to 1″. Further, the extra thickness of the PVC really makes the graphics pop off of the wall. PVC can also be easily shape cut to match virtually any design you could image, making the possibilities of vinyl and shapes endless.

Next, we mount it to virtually any surfaces using industrial fasteners. There’s virtually no surface that we can’t mount to.  That’s something that is impossible with vinyl graphics.